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Suffolk County Wildlife Pest Control

If you have a DOG or CAT problem, please click on : Suffolk Government Animal Services or call them directly at 631-549-7722

Our company is Suffolk County Wildlife Pest Control and we operate a professional wildlife removal company based out of Suffolk County, New York. Examples of common jobs that we do include the removal of squirrels in attics, complete rat removal and prevention, removal of bats from buildings, bird prevention, raccoon trapping, snake removal, and more. We remove dead animals from homes, repair wildlife damage, and clean up wildlife waste and attics.

Suffolk County Wildlife Pest Control is licensed and insured in the state of New York. We service both residential and commercial projects throughout Suffolk County, Long Island. Give us a call any time at 631-419-3002 and we will listen to you describe your wildlife problem, and schedule an appointment to solve your animal problem.

We primarily service the greater Long Island area, but will travel further for many types of jobs. We cover several towns, including Montauk, New Hyde Park, Setauket, Fire Island Pines, Hicksville, Middle Island, Deer Park, Commack, Syosset, Peconic, and wildlife pest control in Bridgehampton, Lindenhurst, Northport, Smithtown, Westhampton Beach, Patchogue, Hampton Bays, Valley Stream, Mattituck, Mastic Beach, Wading River, Freeport, and animal services in Elmont, Hempstead, Oceanside, Franklin Square, Copiague, Miller Place, East Rockaway, East and wildlife pest control in Setauket, Merrick, Oak Beach, Southampton, Westbury, Centereach, Great Neck, Massapequa, Central Islip, Plainview, Bay Shore, & Huntington Station.

We are not an exterminator or a pest control company. We specialize in the removal of wildlife only. For example, we do snake removal, even though Long Island doesn't really have any venomous snakes. We specialize in critter trapping, but we also do preventative measures to keep wildlife away, such as our, raccoon prevention services and repairs to keep animals out of your house and attic. We also do bat removal and bird control, working with Little Brown Bats, pigeons, starlings, and other animals.

This Month's Advice: How to Get Rid of Long Island Pigeons

Why do we need to get rid of the pigeons?
Pigeon among other Suffolk County birds should be treated as rodents since they equally threat the public the same way as pests, that’s why some people, refers to pigeons as flying rats. It is possible for pigeons to be a carrier of diseases such as histoplasmosis, cyptococcosis and psittacosis and also generate fecal matter that is lethal just like any rodent. Some of those viruses can affect human being. Pigeons and other birds are sources of problems since they do perch over the public and deposit they bio- waste from up above. Below are some of the methods which are also safe in getting rid of the pigeons.
- Fencing
- Bird Net
Bird nets are one of the low tech solutions. These nets are made of fiber, nylon and wire. A large area of infrastructure is covered with these nets and then hooks and screws are used to secure them. In order to keep the pigeons away from the ceiling area and other parts of the roof top, fish net concept is used. This will make the areas around the roof tops to be safe and protected from pigeons which may nest and roost in the ceiling or roof tops.

Electric bird wire
Electric bird wires are designed in such a way that they mildly shock the birds upon stepping on the line. These electric wires are arranged in lines with spaces of a few inches from one line to another so that when a bird steps on a wire, it receives a jolt and flies away. The current that is passed through the wires should be so low enough that it cannot dry a bird. You should note that one must be grounded in order to be shocked by electricity.

It is also possible to get rid of New York pigeons by using traps known as Bird Cage Trap which normally have a door made of a wire rebar and are normally set on places such as roofs and gas station canopies. In these traps you will find a dispenser containing seeds and grains such as corns and water that it feeds to the birds. These seeds and grains attract the pigeons to enter the cage. While in the cage, the pigeon will thrush around in trial to get out and eventually kicks the seeds out for other birds. After such experience, the pigeon will mark the place as a dangerous one. According to the Bird cage company, the cages only catches approximately 20% of the pigeons hence they are said to be inefficient.

Pigeon exclusion which is also referred to as pigeon proofing is a technique that involves modifying your building for the pigeons not to access it. Exclusion is regarded as one of the most effective strategies since it is time and money saving because one will not require to cleanup corrosive feces. Also you will not need to disinfect your loathsome and disease ridden roosts. Exclusion will not allow the pigeons to land on the excluded places hence they will migrate and don’t come back.

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Suffolk County Critter Tips:

How To Remove Snakes - The worst thing you can ever have in your backyard is a couple of snakes. Although a common garden snake is not even as harmful as a black widow spider, yet there is a high chance of getting infected by its bite, especially when you have got small kids at home. Some gardens may also have rattlesnakes which are just much dangerous.

The best way of getting rid of snakes is to make sure that your backyard is not full of clutter and is neat and tidy.

Your backyard should not be a place to which snakes tend to get attracted. Make sure that you mow your grass twice every week. The shrubs and any small plantation present over there is trimmed regularly and if there are any types of insects which might be food for some snakes in your backyard, you should take care of them immediately. The bottom line is that you should not give any reason to a snake for residing in your very own yard, not only for the safety of your kids but for your safety as well.

The best way of getting hold of a snake it if is present in your backyard and a funnel trap is used. You can place it along the walls of your backyard or maybe even by the fence. Make sure that you place on such a place where you think the snakes mostly remain. What happens with a funnel trap is that whenever a snake or even any other animal crawls inside it, it will get trapped. While taking care of the snake you have to be sure that you don’t touch the snake or even the funnel trap directly. The best thing is to put a bucket on the funnel trap and then lift it making sure that the top of the funnel is covered by the bucket. Now you can throw the bucket away at a considerable space away from your home.

Another thing you can do for stopping snakes from getting in your backyard is to make it less attractive for them. By regularly mowing the lawn and trimming the plantation the risk is reduced a lot, but you really also need to take care of bird feeders as well, if any is placed in your backyard. This is because bird feeders are highly capable of attracting many insects and animals to which the many species of snakes are attracted to as well.

Reading books about how to remove snakes from your backyard also helps a lot as they provide you with all the firsthand information regarding the things to which snakes are attracted to the most.

Apart from the funnel trap there are also other types of snake traps which also work well for capturing snakes. Whatever kind of snake trap you place make sure to check it time and time again everyday to check if any snake has been caught or not.

There are even certain types of non-toxic anti repellents for snakes available. You can also try using them for getting rid of snakes in your backyard but beware that these repellents do not work on every type of snake.

Placing moth balls in your backyard also helps a lot. By sprinkling sulfur powder on all the doorways, the snakes will not enter your house as well. If none of the remedies seem to be working for getting rid of snakes, this means that you really need to get help from professionals. You can call your local pest control center and they will immediately take care of any type of snakes present in your backyard.