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How Does One Get Opossums Out of the Attic?

Female opossums, just like any other female species in this planet, search for safe places for their babies. So, opossum in a loft is typically a mother possum with her babies. Luckily, the babies cling to their mother 24-7, thus, it is easy to remove them altogether. Opossums will likewise exhibit an exceptional behaviour of hanging out with adult crowds during winter. This behaviour, in reality, is unusual since opossums are rarely social creatures. Once they get inside an upper floor of a house, they put an enormous clutter with their turds as big as that of dogs. Also, they frequently perish in garrets leaving a stench that can last for a month. Bear in mind that Suffolk County opossums regularly live for only three years, but can grow to a weight of 6.8 kilograms. They eat everything, cannot actually run fast, and avoid cars and dogs. The minute it resides in your attic, well, perhaps you need a professional to remove it from there.

For those with all the time in the world, you may do this yourself though. And the finest way of removing opossums from your attic is through humane trapping. This entails manual removal or pole snaring with exclusion entrances. Here is how you can do it:

1. Education
This is always the starting ground in every endeavour. Read and learn from various websites featuring New York opossums. Understand their nature and how they go about their life. Unlike rats, opossums exists as nocturnal pests and usually give off a sound similar to having a slow, weighty animal staggering through the roof space of your home.

2. Understand how the opossums entered your attic
Possums habitually just scale up houses and go in any easy hole, like an exposed soft gap or accessible eave crack. They don’t really exert any effort going in any place, especially when they need a comparatively large cavity to pass through. Upon checking your home design, you will understand where possums can probably enter your Suffolk County home. Then, it is best to do some home repairs to bar them from coming in.

3. Investigate residual evidences
Now, let us admit that opossums are not the only pest that can cause problems in your home. For all you know, it can be a squirrel, a rat or any other animal in search of food and shelter. So, investigate and, if you see lots of feces all over your attic as if your dog went up to relieve himself, then you have a New York opossum! Opossums create huge shitin tons and love leaving them around the loft. Their fecal remains are easily identified since they are large and often have pointed tops. They similarly leave the common trails inside the padding.The babies also oftentumble on walls, besides scratching them.

4. Prepare materials and check local regulations on live possum trapping
Mostly, persons can notice the scent of possums, dead or alive. Upon confirming that your nocturnal visitor are possums, it is time for you to focus your research on how to remove them from your attic effectively. Check on the things you may need and have them ready for humane trapping. In addition, inquire from your local New York animal control section on the legalities and requirements in live trapping of possums. If you need to obtain a license in doing that, do comply. If free assistance is available, coordinate accordingly. The best time to catch them is during January, May, June and December as this is the time when mother possums usually enter attics with their young and keep themselves warm.

5. Pest control
If you need to wait for a couple of months to execute your trapping, for the meantime, adopt control measures. Many methods had already failed or had little, if not selective, success in the process. For one, repellents do not really work, but trapping does. In fact, opossums are stress-free to catch, either in the yard or attic.

6. Live trapping
Take note that inside set up commonly does not function on all critters. If you put your trap outdoors on the rooftop near the entrance point that exist as the most excellent spot.

7. Removal
With the help of your local animal control department, if needed, relocate the captured possums in a forest away from your home.

8. Sealing entrances
After the opossums are totally out of your attic, including the babies, the entrance holes must be closed. If you fail in your first try of capturing Suffolk County opossums on your own, remember that this endeavour takes knowledge and experience to execute right. You can always hire a professional or do it once again as you take note of not repeating previous errors committed. At the end of the day, the choice is solely yours to make.

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