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Suffolk County Snake Removal Long Island

Venomous snakes are very rare on Long Island. I've never seen one. Most of the time, you'll spot harmless Garter Snakes. I guess there's a possibility of a poisonous Copperhead or Timber Rattlesnake, but they are extremely rare, if present at all. You could spot an Eastern garter snake, an Eastern hog-nose snake, Milk Snake, a Black Racer, a Ring-Neck snake, and in the water, the harmless Northern Water Snake. Still, we provide snake removal services on Long Island, in Suffolk County. Snakes belong to Squamata order and Serpentes suborder.

All the Suffolk County New York snakes are carnivores and consume on various animals like birds, insects, frogs, eggs, lizards, snails, and even other snakes. They are diverse in color, size, length and other bodily traits. Their size might range from as short as 10cm long to huge as 25 ft long like the anaconda.

The freely articulated skulls, flexible lower jaw and overlapping scales are some of the characteristic traits present in them.

Life cycle
Identical to other reptiles, the sexual dimorphism is more or less absent in snakes. It is very hard to tell apart a male from the female via their physical characteristics. According to the climatic conditions, the snakes’ mating season might vary. In the colder areas, spring becomes the mating season, while snakes might undergo mating during any season if they live in tropical regions. The females will secrete pheromones and leave it behind when they move, in order to attract males. A male snake subsequent to getting the indication will go after the female for mating. The male snakes might engage in violent fight to get the female snake, hardly ever. The mating duration might range from one or two minutes to numerous hours. In some species, the males have fine spines on the hemipenes which help to hold the female during copulation. A female will mate with the same male or another male numerous times in the mating season.

Snakes are mostly found in various parts of the world, excluding Antarctica. Hitherto, around 2900 species of snakes have been recognized. Snakes belong to Squamata order and Serpentes suborder. According to the proofs, these reptiles with no legs develop from water lizard or burrowing lizard. Yet, distinct from other legless lizards, they are deficient of external ears and movable eyelids.

Despite their high level of variety and outstanding traits, the diet of the Long Island snakes is not that varied as the snakes themselves. All the snakes are carnivorous in nature, meaning that they entirely feed on meat, skipping nutrition from plant-based sources on the whole.

Snakes are possibly the most misapprehended creatures on earth. Out of the 2900 identified species, only less than 20 % are venomous in nature. They are sorted according to their and the number of scales present on their head and their shape. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of snakes according to whether they have venom or otherwise not, such as venomous and non-venomous snakes. The former will use its venom to kill the prey and also to defend them. Such venomous snakes which have the ability to bite and cause sore injury and death to the human being are categorized as poisonous snakes. Human beings have instinct fear towards snakes for more than thousands of years. It might have started as a survival impulse but is still in feared off. The snakes might attack for three reasons. They might mistake a human being for food, since they might have consumed a warm-blooded animal a moment ago. They might attack even if they feel that the human being is a predator. The third reason is that they might be afraid on seeing the human being and they would mostly prefer to run away as far as possible and do harm to the human beings only rarely. For more info about us and our Suffolk County Snake Removal services, click on: Suffolk County Wildlife Pest Control