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Cell phone: 631-419-3002

YES! You can call me 24/7. I have to work every Saturday & Sunday, and be available at all hours, in case an animal is in a trap. I will answer at ANY time.

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How to Catch Animals in a Humane Way - You can use a live animal trap for a chipmunk which is available from Parsons Pest control. Their traps are harmless. They specialize in cage traps which doesn’t harm the animals. They also have different kinds of cages that can trap possum, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, armadillo, chipmunks, birds, lizards, skunks, or mice. The great thing about these cages is that, it won’t hurt the animals.

Use some stink bombs for the chipmunks. Red fox urine is the most hated scent of not just chipmunks but other rodents as well, like rats, mice, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and skunks. For us humans, we won’t notice the scent, only the animals. It is best used on walls, sheds, attics or in places that needs to be crawled. This will make the animals evacuate their home. Try advanced technology. There’s this repellent that’s called the P3 International P7816 Attack Wave Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.

This device is an efficient, easy to use weapon against chipmunks or other rodents. The device brings forth powerful sound waves, in which affects the rodents ears and brain, thus causing them to evacuate. The sound wave can penetrate an open area up to 5,000 square feet. There’s also an assurance that this is harmless to humans, dogs and cats. This device needs no battery and it’s totally environment friendly. However, it is advised not to use when a nearby Gerbil, Hamster, Guinea Pig, and other rodent pets are around.

If you have a cat, most likely you’ll have kitty litter as well. Fortunately, we can put the kitty litter in another good use, aside from just having it used only by your cat; it can also be used against chipmunks. However, it’s not good for indoors because it smells. You can just use it outdoors. Put it near where you think the chipmunks go through.

Lastly, you can try Mothballs. You can spread Mothballs around your house and yards and for sure, the chipmunks or any other rodent wouldn’t want to go near your house because the Mothballs give a very unpleasant scent. However, it’s unhealthy for humans and pets also.