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Raccoon prevention in Suffolk County

Raccoon prevention - how to keep raccoons away from your house and yard

Once raccoons decide on the fact that your house or yard is the best place they can ever live in, it actually becomes very difficult to get rid of them. They might get into your attic, basement or shed, anywhere they can slip into. They intend to topple your garbage cans and spread the clutter in the region of your yard, in search for food.

They are dangerous too. They have the tendency to kill small cats or dogs or start fighting with your pets, and might even cause danger to people in your family including yourself. They might intend to scratch or bite and if someone is hurt in that manner, they need to be rushed to the doctor immediately. Children might be attracted towards these creatures and might even want to pet them and so they must guarded well. If raccoons have entered your home or yard, you need to deal them carefully and also do things in an effective manner to get rid of them, forever.

You can scare them away temporarily from your yard or home when you notice them trying to sneak into your place of living. They get distracted and frightened by noises that are somewhat louder. The sound of a barking dog can scare them easily. You can also use floodlights to get rid of them; however it might not bring great results. You must never attempt to dispel a raccoon on your own, since, they are not scared of human beings mostly and will endeavor their best to protect themselves.

They might even attack you and so you need to be diligent with them. A mother raccoon that has babies can actually be the most troublesome ones. However you need to take some steps to discourage raccoons from entering your territory.

You can trap them too. This is a specialty of Suffolk County raccoon removal, which is our job. If they have started to live inside your attic or yard, then this is actually the best method to get rid of them. You can use live traps in order to capture raccoons and other such annoying animals. These traps help to trap them in a way that it actually protects the creature and does not hurt it. You can bait the trap with food items that the raccoons prefer to eat mostly, like nuts or vegetables. Once they come in and get trapped, you can take them and let go them in a suitable area. However you need consult with your local animal control officer in relation to trapping and discharging the animal and also to get to know the regulations or the safety procedures that you might need to follow before trapping them.

Once you get rid of them, make sure to search for areas or holes which the raccoons might have used to get into your yard and home. You need to completely close such areas and also repair damaged fencing.

You can follow these methods to get rid of these fuzzy and dangerous invaders in the easiest way and also live peacefully, forever. For more info about us and our Suffolk County raccoon removal services, click on: Suffolk County Wildlife Pest Control