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Sorry, I used to list my prices here, but I decided to remove them. I do believe that I am an excellent value for the quality of work done.

Every job is different - type of animal, number of animals, amount of home repairs needed to keep critters out, etc.

Just give me a call at 631-419-3002, explain your problem, and I'll be able to give you a quote over the phone. If my price sounds fair and you'd like to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment, then we can do so.

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How to Catch Animals in a Humane Way - There are a lot of animals that aggravate us, which make us want to catch them so that we can bring peace to ourselves, but the question is how to capture them in a humane way. Well, let’s think of an animal that is relevant to the need of being captured because of the destruction it may cause.

For me, chipmunks would be a good critter to catch because all they do is dig up our tulip bulbs, picking on our fruits, making holes all over our yard or might even be worse than we can imagine. Now, that is why we have this article for you; to help you eliminate the cute critters without hurting them because we wouldn’t want to feel guilty and sorry if we’d kill them and also it is the right thing to do because it’s not good to hurt animals.

Anyway, it’s cute to see the chipmunks around, however, let’s change our mind before we see total destruction within our place, do you agree? So, here’s how to do it: There’s this electronic owl with a head that spins and eyes that are like flashlights. This animal device scares the heck out of those little chipmunks. It might even be effective with other kinds of animals too. You can buy one of these from a hardware store or you can Google for online or offline shops that sell these electronic devices. You can even choose different designs like, a hawk or an eagle.